Fuel Friday:

Fuel for musicians, today! If you’re in band or orchestra, you may be able to relate to this poem I wrote when I was in high school.

Orchestra Practice

The conductor approached with stick in his hand,

And he sternly rebuked with a firm reprimand.

That my music was wrong, he did rudely inform,

One more time did I have, and I ought to reform.

I did bow with a blush and I tried to do right,

But, alas! did I fail and I didn’t feel bright.

Then my standmate did whisper and gave me a wink,

“In truth you did fine, you did more than you think!”

So I waited and waited for bad news to come,

But my standmate was right about what I’d become.

The conductor continued with nary a glance,

But I didn’t mind, I improved at the chance!

Just remember to practice and improve whenever you get a chance. Happy Friday!

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