Fuel Friday: Character Template

I’ve been posting questions from my personal character template this week and received requests for the entire template. So here it is 🙂

Book Title Here:



  • Hair-
  • Eyes-
  • Height-
  • Defining Characteristics-




  • Mom-
  • Dad-
  • Brother(s)-
  • Sister(s)-


City of Birth:

Childhood Home(s):

Comfort Place:

Biggest Fear:


Personal Status:

Right Now in His/Her:

  • Bedroom Floor-
  • Nightstand-
  • Garbage Can-
  • Attire of Choice-

Smell Associations:

Would Throw Away in Spring Cleaning:

Saturday at Noon:

Childhood Memories:

Night Out Clothes:

Greatest Achievement:

Idea of Perfect Happiness:

State of Mind:

  • Beginning-
  • Middle-
  • End-

Favorite Occupation:

Most Treasured Possession:

Greatest Love:

Favorite Journey:

Most Marked Characteristic:

Happiest Moment:

Most Dislikes:

Greatest Extravagance:

Most Despised Person:

Greatest Regret:

Most Envied Talent:

Would Most Like to Live:

Regarded Lowest Depth of Misery:

Most Deplored Personal Trait:

Most Deplored Trait in Others:

Most Valued Trait:

Favorite Fictional Hero:

Real Life Heroes:

Virtue Considered Most Overrated:

When He/She Lies:

Most Overused Word/Phrase:

Would Like to Die by:


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