The Blessing of a Writer’s Mind

A writer’s mind is a wonderful thing. With it, we create worlds and people and personalities. Writers are never bored. We always have a daydream to occupy us or a character to chat with. Sometimes we act out potential scenes in the shower (don’t tell me I’m the only one).

Our constant fantasies make us laugh and smile in public. They even, occasionally, make us cry. People think we’re insane (and they might be right), but they don’t ask and we don’t tell. Give us a notebook, a pencil, and a good eraser and we’ll be busy for weeks.

Add internet and, while we’re still busy, productivity slows to a crawl and impostor syndrome kicks in.

The cost of being a creative, though, can be high. We can alienate ourselves from others (even loved ones) without realizing it or giving an explanation. Our emotions often depend on the type of scene we’re writing at the time. We have anxiety whenever we show anyone our work.

Yet, in spite of both sides of this writer’s mind, we must function. We must care for our families, even when the scene isn’t going well. We must maintain our relationships, even when we want to make that final push to finish the manuscript. We must eat to stay healthy, even when we can’t eat (or over-eat) because the stress is too much.

God gave some of us this mind for a reason. Our job is to take care of it and maintain a balance of life and writing that is sustainable. Sometimes, that will mean giving up writing time to have dinner with your family. Other times, that will mean not sending out that query letter just yet so that you can go out with that friend for coffee. Or playing with the kids when you had planned on editing.

You can’t be a good writer if you don’t live life, and God put us on this earth to glorify Him. Let’s do that. On and off writing time.

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