The Benefit of Time

Time is on Our Side

As a high school student, I wanted to graduate early. As a homeschooler that went year-round, it would be easy. The problem was that my mom didn’t want me to, and Mom gets the final word on stuff like that. I graduated on time and, looking back, I have discovered something.

I needed the time.

Why? Well, in my junior year, I still didn’t take what I did seriously. I was lax and undisciplined in my schedule. The result? My mom told me that I couldn’t graduate if I didn’t finish my books, particularly my math. She was being serious and I knew it. As I disciplined myself, God awakened my desire to grow spiritually. I grew more in my senior year than any other time in my life.

Do you need the time?

Maybe your circumstances are different. Maybe they aren’t. There are some questions that I think we need to ask ourselves when we feel like skipping time

1.) Why am I rushing ahead?

  • The Bible says our life is but a vapor (Jas. 4:14). We are here for a purpose, but we must have time to fulfill it.

2.) Do I feel like I’ve learned everything I need to?

  • God is an infinite Being, and He’s the one that created the world. Which means He created an infinite number of things that we can learn and mature in. To say we’ve learned it all and are ready to move on actually shows that we have a heart of pride and a low view of who God is.

3.) Do I feel like everything is hard?

  • Job knew a lot about both prosperity and suffering, and yet while he even wished to die because of his suffering, he wanted to be sure he was right with God and he wanted to represent Him properly. Are you representing God properly? Are you doing everything without complaining and disputing (Phil. 2:14)? Check your attitude.

4.) Am I afraid of life passing me by?

  • If you think that life will pass you by, therefore you must chase it and do everything now, you are actually displaying fear and not trusting God to be in control. He has Perfect timing, no matter what. We do not. God is in control. We are not. And that is good. Check out Genesis 1:1, 2 Samuel 22, and Mark 10:23-31 and see why we should trust God’s plan for our lives.

Whether you’re wanting to rush ahead in a relationship or, like I did, you’re just wanting to be done with whatever stage of life you are in right now, I challenge you to question your motives. Are you trusting God’s plan for your life?

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