Writing in the Real World

Life is hard. Writing is hard. Yet somehow, as writers in the real world, we think a career in writing will be magically easy (or glamorously hard). We live in a time where media goes viral and fame can happen overnight. But in this same age, there are writers sitting at their computers wishing for an epic book deal or a top bestseller.

It’s easy to dream of writing the next Harry Potter or Kissing Booth, but even the most sensational books were written by real writers in the real world. And somewhere in our minds, we know it was hard for them, too. But we’re still left wondering: how do we get where they are? Maybe your blog doesn’t get the attention that you want. Maybe you’ve gotten one too many rejection letters. Or maybe you feel like an imposter at times.

Here’s the thing.

Becoming an author takes time and work. Becoming a well-known author takes a lot more time and work. Living off being an author isn’t possible for everyone. There is no quick track to the top. There are no shortcuts. There are ways to speed up aspects of the process, such as having critique partners and beta readers. You can hire an editor. You can skip the gatekeepers and self-publish. You can pay for marketing, publicity, and campaigns. You can do all those things and more, but each of those things takes work and time away from your writing. The fast way costs something. The slow way does, too, but time and work are worth the end result. You know why?

Because it causes you to spend time living.

I don’t know what the writer’s journey looks like in your life. Each writer’s journey is different. I don’t know what your goal is in writing, either. What I do know is that life, time, and work are the surest ways to reach your goals.

  • Life- Because without experience in the real world, we can’t create worlds and stories that are worth our readers’ time.
  • Work- Because without overcoming difficulty we can’t achieve things worth having.
  • Time- Because without time, there is no maturing, no perspective, and no patience.

What qualities do you need to succeed? Dedication to the people around you, to the things which need to be done, and to learn things for the future. Discipline to be consistent and persistent in work and in life. Patience to bide your time and wait for God to show you His plan for you.

Life is hard, but God is good and His plan is worth waiting for.

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