This Novel is Now Open…

In the past year, I have accomplished many things. I started this blog. I finished some extended schooling. I sent my first queries for my novel. And this week, I published my 100th article.

This is all great, except it wasn’t just me. God put a blog in my heart years ago. He allowed me to get this far. He has given me ideas and words even when I didn’t think I could write. He put people in my life who encourage, challenge, and inspire me in my walk with Christ and in living my whole life for Him. I post things about current issues, Bible studies, and writing, but the biggest reason that I started this blog was to bring glory to Christ.

The second reason was for community. Every book and every author has a community. No book is ever created without one, and mine is no exception. So, to celebrate this 100-article milestone, I’m opening up to my community here.

Let me introduce you to my novel: Solitario (Lonely)

Genre- YA Christian Contemporary

Length- approx. 62,500 words (18 chapters)

Sound Bite- An orphaned teen fights to keep her integrity in spite of the brewing hatred of her disillusioned grandfather.

Back Cover Blurb-

“Nicole Blackburn just wants to be loved and die alone. Unfortunately, her grandfather has other plans. He sets her up on a date with his best acting student, Tyler. Of course it was for the publicity. If he had asked for Nicole’s input, she could have told him that Tyler was a bully to her at school, but that wasn’t grandfather’s style. Neither was accepting the truth, which is part of why Nicole doesn’t tell him her deep, dark secret: she is dying of cancer.

When her long-estranged father returns, Nicole struggles to tell him her secrets and fears. Knowing he existed might have helped. As she gets to know her father, she realizes that her secret might have a bigger effect on the people around her that she thought. When her grandfather’s plan takes an unexpected turn, Nicole must find a way to obey him while still maintaining her integrity.”

  • NOTE: This novel does contain references to mature themes, such as attempted sexual assault and implied swearing from non-christian characters (e.g. he swore, he cursed, etc.). Content is clean. If these types of references bother you, do not read further.

Here’s what’s up:

Now, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in the story, this is for you. I am appealing to you as my community to beta read my novel. This means you would be responsible for reading and critiquing my current draft, offering insight and answering questions about the material you have read. I’ve had a few eyes on this project, but it needs more. I’ve done all I can do on my own, and I need your help.

In this process, you will receive the completed novel in 4 sections, 4-6 chapters at a time. Along with each set of chapters, you will receive critique and evaluation questions. Some will be fairly general, others will be specific. When you have completed each critique/ evaluation, you will email your answers back to me. This should occur within 2 WEEKS of receiving the chapters. I understand that each situation is different, but this is a good median time frame.

If you are interested in BETA READING my novel, leave a comment or send me a DM via Instagram. Otherwise, no big deal! Your support means so much to me, and I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey!

~ Abrigail Julian

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