The Rewrite

Ideas, development, and drafting. Seems like that should include the hardest amount of work. And for some, it does. Personally, I find most of the drafting process to be drudgery. I also love editing. Development is creativity and organization. Drafting is pure creativity and discipline. In editing, there is problem solving and decluttering. We all have certain mental processes that we find satisfying, but by far the hardest process I have come across is the rewrite.

Why it’s hard

You’ve written it once. It’s a plot, scene, chapter, or even a while manuscript. But it’s done. Carved into your mind like stone. Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t, but it’s there. And now, for whatever reason, you need to redo it. And it’s hard. You have to completely rewire your brain to approach the story differently than you did from idea to draft. Changing our thinking is always difficult, especially something of our own creation.

Why it’s important

Despite the difficulty, sometimes a rewrite is necessary. Sometimes the imagery doesn’t communicate like we need. Sometimes our words don’t do the story justice. Sometimes an idea comes out all wrong. Whatever the reason, the story and the readers require a rewrite so that the story can be everything it was meant to be. And it will be worth the struggle.

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