More basic theology.
Lewis does hold to an old-earth belief system,
but this is only discussed in the last page of text.
As with everything, use discretion
Basic theology introduced by the disciplines. A
go-to for spiritual slumps.
Powerful text for practical apologetics and
how to teach them to our families.
Kay Arthur brings a whole series to teach us
how to study our Bibles and grow closer to God.
A daily devotional that will both encourage you
and challenge you in your walk with Christ.
For women and young women specifically.
Titus 2 discipleship for older & younger women.
Ever think you’re alone in the fight of faith?
This fictional account will show you
otherwise and encourage you to
rely on Christ in things big and small.
Modesty is more than just what we wear, it’s
a lifestyle and a worldview.
Guard your heart with all diligence. Guard their
heart with all diligence.
Simple concept, powerful impact.
If you’re single, it’s a great read.
If you’re married, still a great read.
If you’re a Christian, a must-read.
A clear look at love and relationships in light
of what a relationship with Christ is meant to be.
Words you knew, words you didn’t,
words you wish you knew.
Need we say more?
An entire series of things you didn’t know
so that you can write the things you do.
Thank you Ackerman & Puglisi.
Write your book from start to finish using
models based on Scripture. A must-have
for every Christian writer.
The best book on reader psychology and
why writing advice often contradicts
itself. Also some brain science for good measure.
*There is a foul word on page 145 so, kids,
have your parents mark it out before you read it.

Websites For Theology:

Grace to you – John MacArthur’s church ministry; theology blog

Michelle Lesley – Discernment blog

The End Time – Elisabeth Prata; discernment blog

Girl Defined – Kristen Clark, Bethany Beal; relationships and focusing on Christ

Answers in Genesis – Ken Ham; biblical apologetics

Websites For Writing:

American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) – Blog for uplifting Christian writers. Memberships available but not necessary. Annual conferences.

The Christian Writers Institute – Classes and resources for Christian writers.

The Write Life – Blog for freelance writers, authors, and bloggers. Not Christian specifically

The Write Practice – Blog for authors and new writers. Not Christian specifically

Steve Laube Agency – Author representation agency. Blog and podcasts about the publishing industry and writing tips from the agents.

Fiction University – Blog and resources for fiction writers. Not Christian specifically, and some posts contain unwholesome language.