My writer origin story (Fuel Friday!)

I borrowed this #fridayintroductions idea from my friend @candiceyamnitz over on Instagram (you can find my Insta at the link at the bottom of the page). Feel free to use it for your own content! Hi, I'm Abrigail, but you can call me Abby! I'm a Christian writer with waaaaayyyyyyy too many hobbies. I started … Continue reading My writer origin story (Fuel Friday!)

Ecclesiastes 1 Study

Vanity- emptiness; want of substance to satisfy desire; uncertainty; fruitless desire or endeavor; Trifling labor that produces no good; Untruth; Empty pleasure; vain pursuit; idle show; unsubstantial enjoyment; Ostenation; arrogance; Inflation of mind upon slight grounds; empty pride; conceit over personal attainments or decorations. Webster's Dictionary; 1677 Reading Ecclesiastes 1 with that definition in mind … Continue reading Ecclesiastes 1 Study