Hey You, Writer!

Yes, I’m looking at you. The one who wishes you’d spent more time writing. The one who doesn’t feel good enough. The one who feel like an impostor. The one who wants to quit. The one that doesn’t feel like a writer.

I’m talking to you.

And I’ve got some news.

Everyone is, technically, a writer. If someone knows how to write something, they are a writer. Text message? Written by a writer. Email? Written by a writer.

Guess what else?

You and I? We have a deeper level of writerhood. We like to write. And if you like to write, you must be a writer.

Writing a novel, finishing a book, or getting a publishing contract doesn’t make you a writer. Writing makes you a writer. Sure, there are amazing people who write, publish, get paid, and all that fun stuff, but when it comes right down to it, you and I do the same basic things that they do. They just had the discipline and determination not to quit.

DO NOT GIVE UP ON WRITING!!!! Ever! Discouragement will come with anything you do, and especially with things you enjoy. Don’t let it stop you. I’ve felt it, too. Discontented with progress. Guilt about not writing. Here’s the thing: it’s a common bug, but it isn’t contagious. Reach out to your personal writing community for help! And anyone who encourages you under normal circumstances will likely do so now.

Writing a story is like taking a journey where you meet friend and enemies, enter a world inside your imagination, and become someone that you have, at least at some point, wanted to be. You learn and experience things by being that person that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Enjoy the scenery.

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