To Love a Friend

I came across a post recently that got me thinking. It was intended to be one of those empowering, self-care type posts, but as good as it sounds, it goes completely against what the Bible says. “They may love you. But if they can’t choose you, you must walk away. You are way too valuable … Continue reading To Love a Friend

Fuel Friday: Bible Reading Plans

As promised, here's a list of resources to help you be able to read through the Bible and learn more about God in the coming year: Ligonier has a great post with lots of options. You can find whatever you need! There are several options available at Bible Gateway, including audio and chronological plans. Bible … Continue reading Fuel Friday: Bible Reading Plans

Principles of Dating and Courtship

Is dating the best method for building a relationship? Is there a best method for relationships? In every society, there are methods and customs for romantic relationships, such as betrothal, arranged marriages, and courtship. Dating has taken the forefront on American soil, sprouting from the freedom and liberties of its Constitution. Other ways, such as … Continue reading Principles of Dating and Courtship